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What is recessed led lighting? Everything you need to know including Kelvin color temperature rating

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

With the advancement of lighting technology since the original Edison era, a lot has changed that has contributed to the vast variety of options available now to the average home owner. In the more recent few years, Led technology seems to have taken over with a vast array of new ways to light up our homes.

As with anything out there that is relatively new, there is often quite a bit of useful things to consider that could effect the initial final result.

I want to address the arguably most talked about topic of Led recessed lighting, aka pot or can lights. Recently it has been one of the top choices in lighting upgrades for most living spaces including kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms.

One main reason for choosing led recessed lighting over say a Chandelier or pendant light is the ability it has to seemingly create an illusion of more open space. This option is most viable in lower ceiling areas and places for example a kitchen, where you want to highlight the beautiful features, cabinetry etc.

Another thing I want to mention regarding recessed Led lighting is choosing the right color temperature which is measured in Kelvin.

Understanding how to pick the right color temperature light is one of the most important things you can do to adequately and properly light up your home to create a warm yet practical environment. To better understand what light temperature works best for your area, please see the link:

One thing you want to avoid at all cost is installing a light with the wrong Kelvin temperature rating in the desired location. For example, a living room is a place to relax, unwind and watch a show after a long day at work. The right temperature rating for this type of environment would be to stay within 2700-3200 Kelvin rating. It is a warmer tone

that is relaxing but not over powering that allows your eyes relax, while providing enough comfortable light. In a kitchen, for instance, you might need a light that is brighter allowing the necessary light for cooking etc. An appropriate Kelvin color temperature would be 3100-4500k.

A garage, where even more light might be necessary, it would be most appropriate to go with 4600-6500k temperature rating. See image below for examples of color temperates K ratings.

As a lighting and electrical contractor, we get many questions about what lighting to use that would provide the best lighting possible without becoming uncomfortable. We offer consultations both over the phone and in person on site. Feel free to check us out online by visiting

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Denis Onishchenko
Denis Onishchenko
Jan 29, 2020

Kelvin rating chart

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